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Mi Casa was founded for the benefit of Guatemalan Children ensuring their development through education while providing them with a healthy and wholesome family environment.

Mi Casa opened its doors to orphaned, abandoned and needy children on August 25, 1976 with the mission of providing them the roots and the wings that would make them responsible, educated adults and productive members of society.

The youngsters of Mi Casa receive ample opportunity to enjoy their childhood with regular exposure to Music and Sports. They have a marching band and nine marimba bands that have, over the years been given the opportunity to play on various occasions in the United States; in Miami, Houston and New Orleans. They have also been invited by the German government to play in Hamburg, Hannover, Lubeck and Berlin, Germany . The girls and boys have 26 in-house soccer teams; basketball teams and tehnnis; they have swimming, boating and horseback riding.

Heavy emphasis in placed on their education. Formal classes are given Monday through Saturday from Kindergarten through 9th grade at our home. The children then pursue their education at private High Schools while continuing to live and grow at Mi Casa. We encourage and ensure their education through the University level; where they have pursued careers from Architecture to Zoology. Many have continued their education in the United States; studying in Arizona, Ohio, Connecticut, California, Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, New York, Texas, and Vermont with scholarships and support from many friends.

These young adults now work in a wealth of national and multinational companies. Others have started their own businesses or continue to work as responsible professionals.

In the past thirty years over 8,000 boys and girls have called “Mi Casa” their home. Hundreds of boys and girls still today run through the halls of Mi Casa enjoying their childhood and preparing for their future.

Even though 30 years have gone by, the need to assist children in Guatemala has not diminished. The program is currently attending just over 400 children in a home for boys in Zone 10 and one for girls in Zone 2. All of the children live at either facility and get their education through the program.

All is possible thanks to the help of friends the United States and France. We also get local support from many Guatemalan friends and companies.