Hogar ¨ Tio Juan¨

Our main facility is in Zone 10 on the south side of Guatemala City . We arrived at this facility on Thanksgiving Day; November 27, 1980 with 173 children.

The original home that housed Mi Casa, in Zone 12, was overcrowded to say the least. We literally had kids sleeping in the garage and taking turns to eat in the small dining room. Zone 10, our current home, came as a blessing.

The building was constructed in 1956; conceived as a Hospital for children with polio and tuberculosis. When these diseases were controlled in the country, the hospital was turned into a nutrition facility for malnourished children until we moved in at the end of 1980.

We have made Zone 10 our home for more than a quarter of a century. Our home sits in a highly commercial, business and banking part of town. Most of the major hotels are found in the area. This allows our older fellows to attend, close to home, private schools and job placement opportunities in respectable businesses.

Zone 10 functions as a home and also as a school. We teach in-house from kindergarten through the 9th grade. When the boys and girls graduate from our own school; they go onto High School at private schools; yet continue to live with us.

Our home is a rather large facility built on two and a half acres of land. We have an auditorium that can seat several hundred with its own balcony. Mi Casa also has a large library with over 17,000 volumes, a swimming pool, soccer field and basketball court.

At the entrance we have a considerably good size garden. We have a dozen classrooms, gigantic dormitories with double and triple high bunk beds, a recreation room that can easily accomodate two hundred children with pool tables, foosball tables, air hockey, and lots and lots of gameboards. We also have a big screen TV for movie nights every Wednesday and Saturday evening.

With the large numbers of children, we have our own in-house soccer tournament with 26 different teams in three leagues. We also have a marching band, karate classes, nine marimba groups and a two scout groups with more than one-hundred boy and girl scouts.

Mi Casa is a home full of activities, warmth and caring. Our children are provided with a healthy and wholesome environment in which to grow and prepare themselves to a better future. All is possible thanks to friends who have believed in the program and have a legitimate interest in our boys and girls.