Our School in “ La Terminal ” started operations in January 1986. On the first day of school 229 young children showed up. It served its purpose by bringing education to children that worked in this huge outdoor market and lived along the railroad tracks just a couple of blocks from the market.

In this school we served at any one given time a population of 350 boys and girls. We ran the school with classes from Kindergarten to the 9 th grade.

This facility was a day time school running classes from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The children received three meals a day and all got to “go home” to their family living at their “fruit and vegetable shop” or at their “shack type” houses along the railroad tracks.

The building was a house of prostitution before we took it over to educate hundreds of young children. When we arrived many changes had to be made, including creating new classrooms on the roof. The patio was finished the night before the children arrived on January 29 th, 1986.

The school was fully operational in the first week. With so many children attending class; dining was done by taking turns at the mess hall.

Several promotions were graduated from this school up until the building was sold by its owners and we moved all the children to our facility in Zone 2.

We still have fond memories of this cramped, full of life and laughter facility.