Hogar ¨ Tio Juan ¨ for Girls

For many years our orphanage operated only for boys. When a family disintegrated and there was a girl involved we attended the boy and referred the girls. In many cases we paid other homes to house and educate these young girls.

With more and more girls being referred it made more sense to operate our own girls facility; most especially since many of the girls we were assisting happened to be the sisters of our boys.

In July of 1992 our girls home opened its doors at the Albergue Juvenil facility in downtown Guatemala City .

As with the boys home, the girls home quickly grew in numbers. By 1998 the facility became crowded and a move was imminent. At the end of the school year we made some fast changes and in a weekend had the boys from Zone 2 move to Zone 10 and the girls into Zone 2.

The move proved fruitful as the girls had more space available to them; and for us it made it easier to have all the boys under one roof. Before that we had a boys home in Zone 10, a boys home in Zone 2 and a Girls home in Zone 1.

Our girls home sits in the North Side of the City. It is surrounded by trees, close to a childrens park and neighboring the Little League and Adult League Baseball diamonds. On the weekend the main street is closed by the City and opened to bikes and skates.

Over a thousand girls have lived and studied at our home over these past years. Our youngest girl is 4 years old and the oldest ones are in the University.