A friend who had this property for a couple of generations in her family gave us a piece of land on the Pacific Coast .

Fortunately for our girls and boys it is a riverfront property and one block from the Pacific Ocean.

Our boys started working on upgrading the property as soon as we received it and converted, what was a 38 year abandoned house, into what it is today.

Our “Beach House” is complete with two swimming pools, a soccer field, a Jacuzzi, wood decks,a slide and diving platform.

Other very good friends from the States helped with the materials and our miracle man “Guicho”, who has worked for us for more than 25 years, developed and supervised the project.

We use it constantly taking groups of hundreds at a time.

Guatemala City is 5,000 feet above sea leavel. Traveling to our house on the Pacific is a short one and a half hour drive and brings us down to 6 ½ feet above sea level. The girls and the boys love it.

We have kayaks, small motor boats, and lots and lots of lifejackets and fishing equipment.

At low tide, the river uncovers an “island” (a large sand bank really) right in front of our house. The boys and the girls swim out to it all the time and have expanded their joy.