San Juan Sacatepéquez is a small town about 45 minutes from Guatemala City . The town is known for it cultivation of flowers for export to the US and Europe. It is a mountainous area with a soft morning breeze.

More than 20 years ago a friend donated a piece of land covered with pine trees and no construction. Our Scouts were thrilled and in seventh heaven. A great camping area.

For many years we used the land as our camping ground. Then an opportunity came along to get hold of the adjoining property and expand our farm. The new property has four buildings, a soccer field and plenty of forest and playing space. The large house has five bathrooms, two of which surprisingly were unsually big with six sinks, six toilets and six showers in each. It was previously used by a religious organization for retreats. Perfect for our hundreds of children.

We have since remodeled the property, brought in our own double and triple high bunk beds (although many of the children still prefer their tents in the woods), added a small “road” up the hill and brought in a horse.

Our trips to San Juan are constant and joyful. On many occasions we travel for the day, but have also done trips for several days in a row. Our children do not complain, as long as their math books not accompany them!!!