Sapper Park is a University residence for young adults that have graduated from our program.

By the time our graduates reach the university level they have lived at our homes for well over half their lives.

Sapper Park , named after a friend who gave us access to his property, is a block away from our boys home. It sits in the busiest business and commercial district of Guatemala City; this being very beneficial to our graduates for job opportunites and university studies.

Sapper Park is run independently by the graduates. They all have jobs and university careers, yet they can still come over and play with their younger brothers and friends, watch a movie or share a meal together.

Sapper Park was conceived as a “half-way house”. A bridge going from being in a large residence with hundreds of young children to confronting life outside. Our graduates have performed superbly and have gone on to become productive members of the Guatemalan Society. Many work for banks, hotels, multinationals and others own their own businesses.

Sapper Park has fulfilled its mission of easing the transition of from our very large children's home to beginnng life as independen young adults. It remains available for many more young people that look forward to beginning their independent lives.

After 32 years of existance; many, many Mi Casa graduates are now married and have their own children. They send their own children to school and teach them the values that they learned growing up at Mi Casa.